About Us

Great Missenden & Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) is a voluntary community group, an independent not-for-profit organisation run 100% by local volunteers. We seek the widest possible representation and participation from our grass roots community.

Our community, within the Parish of Great Missenden, benefits from being in the centre of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Like any rural community in England it is subject to the same challenges and changes that face us all today and it is our business to consider these with a view to shaping them in ways that are of benefit to local people.

GMPRG’s remit comes from Chiltern District Council (CDC), being one of seven revitalisation groups under the CDC umbrella.

The highlighted quote, from CDC’s website, outlines the principles of ‘Revite Groups’. For a more detailed explanation, please view the explanatory presentation by David Gardner, former Active Communities Officer, Chiltern District Council & South Bucks District Council. This emphasises in particular:

  • the need to have parish- and community-wide representation within the Group
  • the benefits of cooperation and collaboration with residents and other groups
  • the importance of the community identifying its own needs, values, challenges and priorities.

A number of Revitalisation Groups operate in towns and villages within the Chiltern District.

These community led groups are independent of the Council and well valued in terms of the work that they do and the outcomes they achieve. They provide a forum and focus for regeneration projects which improve the quality of life for residents in their communities.

Each group strives to provide a spectrum of views & interests and include representatives of businesses and residents organisations, social and cultural organisations, older people and younger people, faith organisations, the County Council, Parish & Town Councils and District Councillors.

Each group devises projects which aim to contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of their communities. They also lead a Market Town Health Check to identify areas of need & large scale projects for which funding is essential.


For specific details about projects in which we are involved see our Current Projects page or contact us for more information.