About Us

Great Missenden & Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) is a voluntary community group, an independent not-for-profit organisation run 100% by local volunteers. After more than 20 years of operation (read about our History in detail), we have recently embarked upon an exciting new direction, focussing on the community of Prestwood and its environs.

Prestwood, within the Parish of Great Missenden, benefits from being in the centre of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Like any rural community in England it is subject to the same challenges and changes that face us all today. It is our business to consider these with a view to shaping them in ways that are of benefit to local people.

What is ‘revitalisation’?

Communities where progress is celebrated and self-improvement embraced

David Gardner, former Active Communities Officer, Chiltern District Council & South Bucks District Council

The definition above, coined quite some years ago, remains very much in line with our ethos. Whilst we talk of a new direction, how we work remains consistent. Critical elements are:

  • the widest possible representation and participation from our grass roots community.
  • the importance of the community identifying its own needs, values, challenges and priorities.
  • the benefits of cooperation and collaboration with residents and other groups

To inform its work, GMPRG has surveyed and consulted residents. Our most recent major exercise was the ‘Community Vision Update’ in 2018.

Christopher Black, Chair of GMPRG, summarised our immediate future direction and aspirations in his Chair’s report for the 2023 AGM.

Some recent examples of our work

For specific details about projects in which we are involved see our Current Projects page or contact us for more information.