Great Missenden & Prestwood Revitalisation Group’s constitution, set out below, was approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 22nd January 2018. This will require some redrafting, which is ‘work in progress’.

1. Name
The Group shall be called the Great Missenden & Prestwood Revitalisation Group (incorporating Ballinger, South Heath & Heath End), hereinafter referred to as ‘the Group’.

2. Aims
The Group will act as a non-aligned forum for the initiation, development and implementation of schemes for the social, economic and environmental benefit of Great Missenden Parish.

3. Membership
The Group will comprise volunteer members who are working to fulfil its aims. Members may also represent other non-statutory organisations in the Parish. The Parish Council, Chiltern District Council and Bucks County Council may each nominate one representative and be invited for consultation and advice on particular topics or proposals. The Group shall comprise a Management Committee and Project Teams and will have the power to co-opt additional members to fill specific identified needs when deemed necessary.

4. Management
The overall management of the Group’s business shall be conducted by a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. They will be augmented by the leaders of specific projects and also by other members co-opted according to need. A quorum will consist of four members. Particular project teams shall be set up as required; they shall be under the overall direction of the Management Committee. A consensus of the Management Committee and each project team will be required to enable decisions to be implemented.

5. Finance
The Group shall hold a bank account from which funding is disbursed on the approval of the Management Committee. Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other officer approved by the Management Committee. There shall be a minimum of three authorised signatories. The Treasurer shall present a report of all transactions at each Management Committee meeting and shall prepare annual accounts which shall be independently examined by a suitably qualified person. The financial year end shall be 31 March.

6. Meetings
There will be a minimum of three meetings each year but also as otherwise considered necessary by the Management Committee. An Annual General Meeting of the membership shall generally be held in April, or as soon as practicable thereafter. The longest period to elapse between Annual General Meetings will be fifteen months with 28 days prior notice of the meeting given. It may be necessary to arrange Extraordinary Meetings which would need to be requested by at least four elected or co-opted members of the Group.

7. Dissolution
A decision to dissolve the Group would need to be agreed by a simple majority of members of the Group. In such an event any assets shall be disposed of to a group with similar or complementary aims which shall benefit the Parish of Great Missenden, or otherwise shall be returned to the donor(s).