Welcome to GMPRG

Thank you for your interest in GMPRG, which covers Prestwood and its environs. Here we will tell you what we do and what we need to get more things done.  If you want to know who we are, our background, how we are funded etc, please refer to our About us page at https://www.gmprg.org.uk/about-us/ and its further links.

Our work is led by the wishes expressed in the Community Vision consultation of 2018. The report can be accessed by clicking the ‘word cloud’ summary on the right, or this link: www.gmprg.org.uk/CV2018_results.pdf

What do we do?
We work with the community, local councils and other organisations to initiate, develop and implement schemes for the social, economic and environmental benefit of the community of Prestwood and the surrounding area.

How do we do it?

GMPRG’s role is the delivery of projects, the funding for which comes mostly from statutory and other bodies. Our committee consists of local residents who want to work with the community to make our area an even better place to live. Please see contact details if you would like to learn more about how to assist.

What do we need to do it?

GMPRG needs imaginative ideas and more people to help deliver the projects.  We need publicity for those ideas and to show what we have already achieved.


Representation to Buckinghamshire Council Visions & Objectives Survey 2023

Overall, the proposed objectives look very good. However, without seeing details of how Buckinghamshire Council intends to achieve them it is too early to comment extensively. All Great Missenden & Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) can do at this stage is provide local surveys and opinion, which it is hoped will be helpful to Buckinghamshire Council…

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Past Projects

Secure Bike Parking

Sheffield Type bike parking stands

GMPRG has had success in raising money for secure bike parking projects within the Parish. Funding is currently available for further secure bike parking in the Parish.

HP16 The Source

Front page of The Source HP16, Christmas 2017

The need having arisen from the 2007 Community Vision for HP16, GMPRG worked with a range of local people and organisations to develop our own community newspaper: The Source for HP16.

Community Vision for HP16

Front cover of Market Town Health Check 2009

Consultation to find out what local people felt about their community in order to develop a plan for achievable projects. First outcomes circulated in November 2007. Updated by Community Vision Update 2018.

Current Projects – Volunteers Welcome!

Please visit the relevant pages to investigate our Previous Projects and Current Projects. At present we are especially busy on the following areas, and would welcome volunteers with an interest.

Public Space Improvements

GMPRG is working on several projects around Great Missenden and Prestwood.

Local and Community Transport

Steering Group led by John Cadman, Prestwood Village Association

Cycling and Secure Bike Parking

Steering Group led by Parish Councillor Mike Johnstone.

Further areas of focus have been identified from the Community Vision Update – please visit Community Vision Update page.