Planters on Chequers Parade

Monday, July 1st, 2024

For many years the concrete sewer pipes outside the Post Office on Chequers Parade had hardly contributed to the visual amenity of Prestwood. That was, until ‘Plan-It Prestwood’ took a lead.

Plan-It Pestwood, consisting of Karen Pither, Lesley Cook and Thomas Tyrrell, decided to transform the planters, covering them with hardwood cladding, arranging for the existing irrigation system to be repaired, and then planting them with a collection of annuals, perennials and flowering lilac trees.

Further volunteer effort was provided by Mark Cunnane, who installed the cladding, and Robert Le Mare and Bill Huitson, who repaired the irrigation system.

Financing was contributed by the Missendens Community Board and Great Missenden and Prestwood Revitalisation Group.

planters on chequers parade prestwood
planters in bloom chequers parade prestwood

Left: April 2024 – Contributors to the ‘beautification’ of the planters: Peter Martin and Katrina Holyoake (Missendens Community Board), Lesley Cook, Karen Pither, Thomas Tyrrell (Plan-It Prestwood), Bill Huitson (volunteer), Robert Gibson and Barbara Rowett (GMPRG) and land owner Robert le Mare. Right: June, and the planters in full bloom.

A few months on, and the spectacular results are there for all to enjoy. One local resident was even moved to lyricism:

“I sat on the bench for 15 minutes or so in the sunshine last Wednesday and it was an absolute pleasure with a lovely flowery perfume surrounding me…. the scabiosas – butterfly blue – remind me of the South Downs outside Eastbourne, my home town, where they grow wild on the chalky soil….”

A great community effort!

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