Barbara’s Sandpit

Prestwood Steam Rally 2017

An annual event in Prestwood in July,  hosted at The Hangings by Wren Davis.

Have managed to insert a video clip, hopefully.

Questions for Robert

1. Headings for new pages and para sub-headings – looks as though you’ve set up a preformatted colour scheme and hierarchy of font sizes for main headings down to paragraph headings ?

2. Barbara’s Sandpit title seems to start too high up on the page?  Nearly disappears under Navigation Bar?  Perhaps this would sort itself out automatically if I published the page which I don’t plan on doing?

3.  What are the benefits of setting up an Envira Image Gallery separately from the Media Library?

4. Creating/editing menu items – I don’t seem to have access to an Appearance menu currently – is this the difference between Editor and Administrator rights?  So I can’t access Widgets, Menus, Headers & Footers?

5. I’ve tried creating a gmail account for but it didn’t seem to want to let me use gmprg   – it kept saying it needs more characters?  So I think I’ve opened one called but, on trying to get into it, it asks me for a verifcation code which, when the phone rings I can never get written down in time to key in to get access?